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Landscape Photography Masterclass


Learn how to confidently take control of your camera and achieve the results you dream of.


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Master the Art of Landscape Photography

Learn the secrets to Fine Art Landscape Photography.

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I’ve always blamed the location and my gear for my sub-par images. This masterclass made me realize that it was simply my technique. Joel, you’ve transformed my photography forever!
- TD

“Watching Joel is so inspiring. He shows his process, his techniques, and even his mistakes. It made creating impressive landscape images seem doable for the first time. And, I’m loving the results!”
- BR

“I’ve always wanted to print my photos. But my husband didn’t like them. I did this masterclass, went out on a photography trip, and my husband asked me if I could print one of the images! It’s hanging above our fireplace and I’ve never been more proud! Thank you!”
- ET

This course is for you if…

You’ve tried and failed to create dramatic and imposing landscape images.

You feel lost in the confusion of different camera settings for best results.

Editing your images is a labyrinth of complicated words and techniques.

You CAN create images just like these…

What You’ll Learn



Before we get started, I want to let you know my goal for this masterclass, what we’ll cover, and what to expect!


Developing your Personal Vision

The first step which often gets missed on the creative journey is deciding what story you want to tell and how you want to tell it. In this lesson, I’ll share my tips that will help you devel...


Shooting Sand Dunes

Getting the shot can take some time. This lesson is about finding the right composition, waiting for the right light, and getting the perfect camera settings so I can create the image I want. I&rsq...


Focus Stacking Sand Dunes

I shot multiple exposures in Laguna so here we’ll do HDR processing without getting the HDR look, to create a smooth and impressive final image. I’ll also cover some basics of photo ret...


A Few Photoshop Tricks I Love

In this lesson, I’ll walk you through how to get the most from your images using a 16 bit environment in Photoshop and how to use the auto stacking feature to save some precious time!


Building the Shot in Arches National Park

In this lesson, we’ll talk about building a shot and what camera settings to use to get the best effect. You’ll also learn how to work with HDR and a tilt-shift lens. Of course, you don...


What is the Perfect Exposure

We always hear this phrase, but I want to teach you how I think about the “perfect exposure.” This is an area of artistry that, once understood, will help you develop your own voice.


RAW Conversion for High Detailed Black and White Images

Before we retouch the Arches image, I’ll teach you how I convert my RAW files to usable photos in Photoshop. I want the maximum amount of detail in this image, so I will show you my 32-bit wo...


How to Compose an Image to Create Depth Drama and Emotion

This lesson is about understanding a busy scene and moving through the scene to get the best shot. This will help you understand composition to capture a frame with depth, drama, and emotion.


The Four Ways of Controlling your Exposure

With so much detail in light and shadow across a landscape, getting the perfect exposure can be a testing process. This lesson will teach you how to use all the tools available to create the ideal ...


Goblin Valley Retouch

We will go through the whole process in this retouch, checking the RAW files, stitching multiple files together, ACR retouching, and final Photoshop touch-ups.


The Importance of Understanding Optics

I know very few photographers that don’t lust after some new piece of gear, lens, light, tripod, etc. In this session, I’ll explain my viewpoint on lenses, what each focal length is goo...


Capturing Temple of the Sun and Moon

We waited 8 hours to capture these monolithic rock formations. This lesson is all about light and creative choices. I’ll talk to you about the ethics of manipulating images, lens choices, and...


Sky Replacement Techniques

I talked about the ethics of replacing skies and retouching images in the last lesson, and here I’ll show you a few tricks for seamlessly replacing a sky. I waited 8 hours for the right light...


Planning out a Hero Image

This lesson is all about an image I knew I wanted to take, but, I didn’t know how to get there or when to get the best shot. I’ll teach you my ideation process and some of the steps I h...


Taking Opportunities

When you drive or hike around looking for something that moves you, you might see something that you weren’t expecting. This video is about jumping on those opportunities and getting a great ...


Retouching Using Color Range

There are some amazing new tools in Adobe’s RAW editing software. I’ll teach you how to get the most from the Color Range mask function in this lesson. This will help you make small adj...


Long vs. Short Shutterspeed... or Both

This image I captured in Zion came with a very specific problem. I wanted silky water from a long exposure but, due to wind and camera shake, other elements that I didn’t want blurry became b...


The Rules of Composition

In this lesson, I want to talk about composition. There are rules which we all know. Some of which we use, some of them are confusing, and sometimes they just happen. I want to talk about the diffe...


Capturing Mt. Hood Using Different Focal Lengths

This is an interesting topic, and a technique that can produce some pretty amazing results. I want a wide angle view of Mt. Hood over the lake but that made the mountain disappear. So, using a slig...


Retouching a Dual Focal Length Image

Let’s get into the retouch of the image I took at Trilium lake. You’ll learn how to smoothly edit together an image using multiple focal lengths. As an artist this is an amazing techniq...


Manipulation - Where to Draw the Line

In this lesson, I want to address retouching and manipulating images. So far you’ve learned some pretty dramatic techniques for improving and building an amazing final image. But how much is ...


What About Bracketing ISO

We’ve talked about bracketing focal lengths, shutterspeeds, and aperture. In this lesson, I’ll teach you why and when I like to bracket ISO. This is a great trick for creating high deta...


The Creative Process

A great image doesn’t just happen, it requires pausing and understanding as an artist what you are trying to achieve. Before I take these photos on Bandon Beach, OR, I’ll teach you my p...


Capturing Greenery and Waterfalls

In this lesson, we move from desert and beach scenes into forests and waterfalls. This of course has its own issues and I’ll share with you some mistakes I’ve made so you don’t ma...


Behind the Scenes in Silver Falls State Park

Come with me as I work to find shots that I’m excited about in Silver Falls State Park. I’ll teach you my set up, camera settings, and thought process for creating images in this settin...


Finding the Shot at Lower Lewis Falls

In this video, you’ll see what it takes sometimes to find or build an image that has all the drama we are aiming for. It can be easy to find a great location but finding the story you want to...


From Passionate Amateur to Pro

I’m very passionate about helping photographers make a living with their camera. It doesn’t matter if you are retired, just getting started, or have tried and failed. You are an artist,...

Imagine you could…

  • Create gallery-worthy images that people will beg you to print.
  • Confidently take control and achieve the results you dream of.
  • Master retouching to create dramatic, imposing, and artistic final images.

Today's Special Deal Offer!

Act now! This special offer is ending soon...

Signature Series

Landscape Photography Masterclass


Learn how to confidently take control of your camera and achieve the results you dream of.


"Even though my career has been focussed on commercial advertising, my heart is in landscape photography. You just need a camera. The rest is connecting with nature and using the right techniques to create dramatic images. I’m sharing 40 years of photography experience in this masterclass so you can create your favorite images! You CAN create images that will stand up against any image online or in a magazine!"

Joel Grimes




7h 45m


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Act now! This special offer is ending soon...

Hours Mins Secs

Signature Series

Landscape Photography Masterclass


Learn how to confidently take control of your camera and achieve the results you dream of.