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Joel Grimes Photography Masterclass

Be an ARTIST. Live your DREAM. Create an INCOME.

What's Inside the Masterclass?


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  • Why do 89% of all students graduating with a college degree in photography, fail to work in their field?
  • How to get photography gigs and make money doing what you love.
  • How to create exquisite photography and make money doing what you love during this masterclass!
  • The powerfull system to save the aspiring photographer years of learning and ten’s of thousands of dollars in education.
  • How to create a body of work in a series so everyone will know who you are and get your photography noticed.
  • How to get photography gigs and make money doing what you love.

What you'll learn

How to create exquisite photography and create an income doing what you love!

How to create a body of work in a series  and get your photography noticed.

The powerfull system to save years of learning and ten’s of thousands of dollars.


All attendees will receive 2 FREE gift!

Bonus #1

Behind The Lens


Joel takes you on a tour behind the camera. Learn how he created his most notable images using various camera equipment, lighting techniques, locations, and so much more!

Bonus #2

Ten Steps to Becoming a Successful Photographer


This quick tips e-book is meant to inspire photographers to live their dream and create an income with a camera.

"If you were told that you can't succeed as a photographer, PUT THOSE FEARS TO REST."

Joel Grimes
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