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Photoshop Brushes


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Dramatically transform your images with my 9 Photoshop brush Collections.

My brand-new Photoshop brush collection includes over 200 Photoshop brushes that will completely transform your images and add dramatic effects in just a few clicks.

It's so much fun to create professional-quality art, add gorgeous lifelike light, add depth to a dull image, improve the atmospheric texture of a flat scene, and much, much more.

These high-resolution Photoshop Brushes are powerful and allow you to get the look you want in a matter of seconds.

These brushes have so many different effects that inspire you to change your art in ways you hadn't thought of.

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What's Included?

Finally! A quick and easy way to make all your photos pop! Achieve incredible results in Photoshop with my easy-to-use Photoshop Brushes.

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Atmosphere Photoshop Brushes

$79 included

With 24 high-resolution atmospheric light rays included, adding realistic light to your images has never been easier. This will help you pop your subject off the screen, in seconds!

Dramatic Photoshop Brushes

$79 included

Add drama to an otherwise boring image or improve what’s there with my Dramatic Photoshop Brushes. With 16 Brushes included, painting in dramatic light has never been easier.

Dust Photoshop Brushes

$79 included

Whether you want to add a grungey look to an entire image or gently paint in lifelike dust to add texture to a small part of the frame, this pack of 35 brushes will make that an easy task.

Fog Photoshop Brushes

$79 included

Improve the foreground or add depth to the background of your image with the 20 Fog Brushes in this pack. Create a spooky look in seconds, or dial back the opacity and lightly add atmosphere to you image.

Haze Photoshop Brushes

$79 included

If only we all had access to a haze machine… Well, with these ten Haze Brushes, you’ll be able to achieve that same look, without having an extra piece of machinery!

Light Rays Photoshop Brushes

$79 included

There’s something so special about Light Rays. But they are near impossible to capture when you are photographing. This pack of 30 Light Rays, will allow you to simply paint in believable light with a click of the mouse.

Lights Photoshop Brushes

$79 included

This pack contains 19 Brushes for improving or turning on light sources in your photos. It takes two clicks, and any lamp, street light, or star looks amazing! A great tool for adding something unique to your art.

Smoke Photoshop Brushes

$79 included

Add atmospheric smoke to your art with my 15 Smoke Brushes. There are so many uses for these. Adding depth and dimension to your photos has never been easier!

Snow Photoshop Brushes

$79 included

Instantly add snow to a photo with any of the 60 Photoshop Brushes in this pack. It’s as easy as one click of the mouse and you can add some really dramatic effects to your photos - easily.

Transform Your Photos in Seconds!

This bundle is for you if…

You’ve struggled to improve dull images in the past.

Your retouching and editing in Photoshop is taking too long.

You can’t achieve that polished look with photos you love.

Imagine you could…

  • Achieve professional results in seconds!
  • Make even a dull photo pop off the screen.
  • Create better art than ever before, in less time.

“My Photoshop Brushes will help you create images with more depth and dimension than ever before. I’ve designed every brush to be easy to use, meaning you’ll be creating art that blows everyone away today!”

- Joel Grimes

Hear What Users Are Saying:

“I’ve always been a bit scared of using tricks like this. But wow, not only are they super easy to apply, the final look on my photos is epic! I’m really happy I took the leap on this package.”

“I’ve bought a lot of brushes and presets in the past from many sources. This array of tools is by far the best quality I’ve seen. Also an amazing price point for the huge selection. Cheers!”

“I didn’t think I’d know how to ever use these in my photos. I’m embarrassed to say, I now have them as part of my workflow on every image! Don’t tell anyone… Thank you!”


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Joel Grimes
Photoshop Brushes


Achieve professional-level results when editing in Photoshop with my Signature Photoshop Brushes.

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Compatible with ALL versions of Adobe Photoshop (5.5 and above). Brushes are high-resolution (3000px minimum, majority of brushes are 5000px).