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Live Your Dream and Make a Living With Your Camera!

I believe that any photographer can achieve this goal. I’m going to help you!

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Meet Your Instructor

Join 400,000+ Students Learning from Joel Grimes!
Joel Grimes

Joel Grimes

Canon Explorer of Light and award-winning photographer.

Deliver A Timeless Product

Learn how to photograph, retouch, and print your own art to ensure the final product looks perfect.

Create Amazing Art

Step one of building a business is having something to sell. I’ll teach you how to create your best art yet!

Find Customers

Step two, how can you create a world where people are calling you, not the other way around? It’s easier than you might think.

What’s Exciting?

There are no secrets when I’m teaching photography!
In the Field Training

Learn how to create incredible portraits anywhere. This will guarantee you a workflow to capture valuable art without an expensive studio.

Find Your Voice

Finding and developing your voice as an artist is a major part of creating an income. I’ll teach you how to create a body of work that everyone knows is yours!

How to Attract Clients

Discover the techniques I’ve developed to bring my dream clients to me. This can work for anyone and guarantees more work than you can keep up with.

Printing Your Art

This final step of photography is one that’s often left to a “professional.” I’ll teach you how to create perfect prints so you can take back control of this final part of the process!

How to Sell Your Art

I’m sharing my tips & tricks for pricing, marketing, and delivering your art. Remember, we are artists first, and business can be confusing. I can’t wait to help!

Take a Closer Look

Throughout three unique, in-depth masterclasses, discover the techniques you need to create an income with your camera.

36 Easy-to-Follow Modules

Don’t be overwhelmed! I’ve made it easy for you to follow these masterclasses. With bite-sized modules, you can re-visit modules as many times as you like!

4 Hours of Training

This sounds like a lot. But even if you devote ten minutes a day, or a week, to learning new techniques which you go out and apply, you’ll start seeing dramatic results.

35+ Years of Experience

Everyone around me thought I was crazy for trying to have a career as a photographer. I’ve been lucky to have a long professional career. I’m going to teach you what worked for me!

More Training - Less Searching

This might seem like too much. But you’ll have access to everything you need, in one place!
Easy Lifetime Access

Stream or download from any device with our one-stop hub for creativity. This is a one-time purchase that you can enjoy for years.

Full Curriculum

Study and learn at your own pace using our library. Your spot will always be saved to pick up where you left off.

Detailed List of Contents

Let’s take a deep dive into this bundle.

The Business

14 LESSONS | 3H 58H

$197 included

Do you know that only 10 percent of all students graduating with a degree in Photography end up working in their field? That's a 90% failure rate. Why is that? After working as a commercial advertising photographer for over 35 years with some of the biggest clients in the world, it’s fair to say I know how to run a photography business.

Portrait Photography on Location

7 LESSONS | 5H 33M

$397 included

Don’t have access to a studio? No problem. I’ll teach you step-by-step what gear to use and how to use it–in any kind of light! Plus, I’ll dive deep into Photoshop to teach you my powerful retouching techniques you will use on every photo!

Photo Prints Masterclass

15 LESSONS | 4h 12m

$197 included

The ultimate expression of an artist is having a product that people can see. In this course, join master printer George Kondogianis and me for an in-depth exploration into the world of print. You’ll learn everything you need to fully master the whole process. From calibrating your screen properly and preparing the image to choose the right paper, evaluating the print, and making final tweaks.

Bonus content

Go further with your creations.

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I had to struggle on my own for 35 years, but you won’t have to because you will have a support network of people taking the same training.

This is going to make it faster and easier for you to get the answers you need when you need them. You might be thinking you can’t use this because you are a solo artist but no one makes it alone. A rising tide lifts all boats.

Monthly Q&A with Joel



This is going to give you real-life feedback that will dramatically improve your skills.

You might be thinking you can’t use this because you are just starting out or aren’t trying to become a pro photographer. That’s absolutely not true because my support will help you achieve any photography goal you have.

Canon Explorer of Light, Joel Grimes is a multi-award-winning fine art and advertising photographer. Joel has taught hundreds of thousands of photographers both online and on the most prestigious stages in the industry. Joel’s teaching style is a show-all behind the scenes approach. His passion for photography and teaching is both fun and inspiring!

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions and issues.

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