Still Life Masterclass


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still life subjects don’t show up late, talkback, or get fidgety.

Learn how to create beautiful fine-art still life images right in your living room with minimal photo equipment.

With close to 5 hours of training, I’ll teach you in great detail how I set up, shoot, and retouch my still life shoots. From the lighting, working in a series, compositions that build impact, to finishing off the images in Photoshop.


Learn the secrets to Fine Art Still Life Photography

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How do you create art that you’ll proudly hang on your wall?

This is for you if…

You’ve tried and failed to capture interesting still life images in the past.

You struggle to retouch your images at a high level.

You don’t know how to set up a still life shoot to achieve creative results.

Imagine you could…

Create incredible, artistic, and priceless still life images.
Expand your creative expression in a new area of photography.
Master the set up, shooting, and retouching of gorgeous still life images.

Hear what my students are saying...

“I had given up with still life. I couldn’t take photos I was proud of. I saw the photos that advertised this course and was instantly intrigued. Thank god! I’m newly inspired and I’ve started capturing images I love!! Thanks, Joel!!”

“This course was equal parts inspiring and educational. I love finding objects that I want to photograph now, and I actually know how to get great results! If you are reading this, get started on this masterclass. You won’t regret it.”

“I haven’t been able to go out and photograph at all recently. I was in a creative slump. This course gave me the exact boost I needed to be creative and excited about photography again. I’ve framed one of the photos I took. I love it and it’s all thanks to this course.”

"There’s something beautifully artistic about still life photos. It’s all up to you as the photographer. The options are limitless and the final results are wholly in your hands. I want to give you the tools you need to start capturing your own still life images and to express yourself entirely."

Joel Grimes


Still Life Masterclass


Create incredible, artistic, and priceless still life images. With the gear you already own.

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4h 45m


Beginner / Intermediate

What's Inside?



I’m excited to get you moving on this course. Find out what we’ll cover and why I adore taking still life images.


Texture Backgrounds

I’ve also included a collection of texture backgrounds. These 14 high-resolution images will help you add interesting depth to your images in just a few clicks. Use the link above to get you...


Photo Gear Needed

Find out what gear I used while making this course, what I think about when picking the right tools for the job, and specifically why I like a tilt-shift lens for still life images.


Introduction to My Props

Joel shows off all the props he picked up at a local antique store. He also covers the concept of working in a series to create a cohesive body of work.


Rembrandt Cross Light Basics

Understanding lighting is one of the biggest keys to creating gorgeous images. In this lesson, I want to teach you everything you need to create wonderful Rembrandt cross light.


Setting up a Simple Still Life

In this lesson, I’ll show you how I set up an overhead shot laying the still life objects on a solid 50% gray background. I’ll explain why I like working with the 50% gray background an...


Shooting the Calla Lilys

Learn how to get the camera set up to create the exact image wanted. I’ll share my tips for composing and “posing” items to create wonderful results.


Understanding Blending Modes

Understanding Blending Modes is an important lesson giving you the ability to pre-visualize what your end results will look like. Learn what blending modes in Photoshop work best using Black, White...


Background Magic with Blending Modes

Let’s dive into Photoshop and I’ll show how to attach a texture to a gray and white background using blending modes. You’ll get to see easy it is to create stunning still life ima...


Adding an Oxford Background

Learn how I add a painterly scenic background from Oxford to one of the still-life images. I’ll take you through the whole process step-by-step.


Shooting the Calla Lillies Upright

Instead of laying the Calla Lilies flat on a gray background, let's build an upright set that creates space between the subject and the background, giving you much more control over the final result.


Pear on Table & Using a Tilt-Shift Lens

Now I’ll set up a different shot. You’ll learn all the little tweaks and changes we can make to get the desired effect. Once I’ve got the look I want, I’ll try something a b...


Artichoke, Boots, and Hat

Now, the fun really starts happening as we set up up a full still life scene using different objects, including an Artichoke on an old scale, some cowboy boots, and finally a beautiful rustic cowbo...


Pear On Wooden Spoon

In this first retouch lesson, I’ll teach you the whole process of importing multiple RAW files, stitching them together, changing the background, and all the final edits.


Radishes on Scale

Taking the Photoshop techniques a bit further, I’ll take you step by step through the retouching process of the Radishes on Scale.


Presenting Images in Grids

Finally, I wanted to teach you how I create a multiple image grid design in Photoshop to group the photographs in a series. This is a simple process for elegantly showing your work and can be used ...


Still Life Masterclass


This masterclass will teach you how to create original and dramatic still life images in no time.

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