The Joel Grimes Masterclass Ultimate Bundle


The training in this bundle will help you start creating images that you love without having to spend years trying to figure out the complexities of photography.


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"I’ve loved Joel’s images for years. But, I never thought I could take images like his. Ever. The training in this collection broke down everything I needed. I’m finally creating images that I’m truly proud to share. AND, they are getting attention from people like I never thought possible."
- KW

"Joel Grimes is one of the greatest teachers out there. His passion for helping his students develop as artists, figure out who they are and what they should shoot, and actually teaching in a way that the information is useful is something I haven’t found anywhere else!"
- NS

"I bought this on a bit of a whim. I was inspired I guess. But here’s what happened… I went from loving the process of walking around with my camera and shooting (but having no idea what I was doing and the images suffered) to being offered so much photography work I had to leave my job (which I hated). Thanks Joel for changing my life!"
- AP

Remove the complexities of photography.


Dramatic Portrait Masterclass



In this masterclass, you'll learn all my techniques, tricks, and tips that I've been using for over 30 years in the photography business. This skill set will help you create incredibly unique dramatic portraits that you, your friends, family, and clients will love.

Beauty Portrait Masterclass



I’m not a fashion photographer. I’m a portrait photographer. I always thought this area of photography was the hardest thing to master. Three decades in the advertising industry gave me the tools, techniques, and confidence I needed to tackle beauty portraits. And, I’m going to teach you everything I’ve learned. It might seem challenging to tackle beauty portraits, but I will teach you how to master every step!

One Light Masterclass



Crack the code to lighting once and for all. I believe that once you learn the basics of how light works, you then can replicate any lighting technique on the planet. In this course, I have tackled a monster; I have plotted out the Inverse Square Law using the Zone System so that you can see it from a visual perspective and apply it to your everyday shooting without having your brain explode!

Still Life Masterclass

15 LESSONS | 4H 45M


Learn how to create beautiful fine-art still life images right in your living room with minimal photo equipment. With close to 5 hours of training, I’ll teach you in great detail how I set up, shoot, and retouch my still life shoots. From the lighting, working in a series, compositions that build impact, to finishing off the images in Photoshop.

Photo Prints Masterclass



Stop allowing someone else to print a photo that you perfected. You took the photo, got the edit right, and then give control of the final product to someone else. On this course, join master printer George Kondogianis and myself for an in-depth exploration into the world of print.

Bonus #1

Creating The Opportunity


This unreleased class, only available to owners of the Joel Grimes Masterclass Bundle, will teach you the secret ingredients you need to bring together your artistic goals and your craft.

In this class, I’ll teach you what I’ve learned over the years for creating a body of work I love. I’ve been able to create a workflow that will help you avoid the mistakes I made and reach your goals faster!

You’ve got the camera, you understand the technical, and you’re developing as an artist. Let me help you take the next steps!

"I’ve spent almost forty years struggling through the barriers a photography career and life as an artist brings. This bundle is the culmination of my entire artistry. I share ALL the techniques I use both in my commercial work and personal projects. Everything. From setting up a shoot all the way through creating a timeless final print. Enjoy!"

Joel Grimes

Create images that have drama and impact!

Joel Grimes Facebook Academy

Bonus #2


I had to struggle on my own for 35 years, but you won’t have to because you will have a support network of people taking the same training.

This is going to make it faster and easier for you to get the answers you need when you need them.

You might be thinking you can’t use this because you are a solo artist but no one makes it alone. A rising tide lifts all boats.

Monthly Q&A with Joel

Bonus #3


This is going to give you the real life feedback that will dramatically improve your skills.

You might be thinking you can’t use this because you are just starting out or aren’t trying to become a pro photographer. That’s absolutely not true because my support will help you achieve any photography goal you have.




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Act now! This special offer is guaranteed for the next...

Hours Mins Secs


Joel Grimes
Masterclass Bundle


The training in this bundle will help you start creating images that you love without having to spend years trying to figure out the complexities of photography.