The Retouch


Joel covers Smart Objects, Skin Retouching, Composites, Working with Masks and much more in this in-depth look at processing files and creating a finished image.

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What You'll Learn

There are a few reasons why I do all my own retouching, including 99.9% of all my commercial work. First, when I am building a portfolio I am able to finish a shoot and immediately start processing my files and creating a finished image. No waiting and paying out the nose for a retoucher. Second, I am building a brand that is recognizable in the marketplace. My brand is everything, and having a consistent look to all my images is very important. And lastly, I am an Artist. I love seeing the process all the way through.





7 hours and 59 minutes




Photoshop CC

Getting Started


Image Capture Management

Joel goes though his workflow from the taking the images from the camera to his backup and storage system.


Working in Bridge /RAW Converter

Learn step one in creating a non-destructive workflow starting in Adobe Bridge and Adobe Camera Raw.


Smart Objects/Smart Filters

This is a must for those who want to create a non-destructive workflow. Take the confusion out of working Smart, and learn the different between Smart Objects from Raw to Smart Objects in Photoshop.


Understanding Bit Depth

If you want to increase your tones, hues and achieve unbelievable smooth gradients in your images you have to understand how bit depth works.

Skin Retouching


The Philosophy

We have come a long way since the first retouching techniques hit the marketplace. Joel talks about the philosophy behind skin retouching and how far to go on the editing side of things.


Preparing Your Image

Before we get to Frequency Separation Joel shows how he prepares his images.


Frequency Separation - Part 1

Dive in and learn a very simple way to use Frequency Separation to achieve amazing skin.


Frequency Separation - Part 2

Continue to follow Joel as he works with Frequency Separation.


Working with Hair

Fixing problems with hair on a subject is one of those things that present a whole set of issues. Joel shows some of his techniques on how he overcomes fixing hair.


Final Touches Finishing Off Allie

Joel shows his final retouch on the image of Allie and also goes through the steps to add a texture to the background.

What Makes A Successful Composite?


Compositing - Part 1

Joel talks about the philosophical side of how we can make a composite successful. This session helps build a foundation as we move forward in learning the compositing techniques.


Compositing - Part 2

Placing your subject in the right background can make or break the success of a composting. Follow Joel as he reveals his philosophy behind creating backgrounds.

The Basics of Working with Masks


Masks - Part 1

Understand how masks work in paramount in creating a composite. Joel starts at the basis construction of working with masks.


Masks - Part 2

Joel breaks down the concept of what a Luminosity Mask is and then shows a very simple way to create a Luminosity Mask using Select Image in Photoshop.


Masks - Part 3

Learn how to create super high contrast images using Luminosity Masks without loosing all your mid-tones.


Masks - Part 4

Joel takes you through through two more retouching the scenarios one of Rapper Foz and creates an amazing high contrast look that rocks and one of Jessica in Iceland on the beach.


Masks - Part 5

Now Joel takes you through creating a mask specifically for a compositing scenario.


Masks - Part 6

Joel takes you to the next level of working with masks with most difficult extract of them all; Hair.

Compositing: Full Composite


Start To Finish - Part 1

Joel takes you through one of his iconic composited image and shows exactly how he created the image from start to finish.


Start To Finish - Part 2

This is part two of the image of Vincent, one of Joel’s iconic composited images.


Start To Finish - Part 3

Finishing off he image of Vincent using Luminar to achieve the overall final look.

Introduction to Working with Plates


Platography - Part 1

Learn the future of where photography is going using the concept of working with multiple plates to create one final image.


Platography - Part 2

Joel continues on showing how he works in Photoshop to construct a final image in Photoshop using the concept of Platography.


Platography - Part 3

In part three, Joel wraps up the retouching of his final image of the Hot Shot Firefighters.



Using Luminar in Post-Production

Luminar by Skylum Softwares is a photo editing software that has multiple pre-made presets to use, and the ability to save your own preset. When using the presets, you have free range to alter them...



The Retouch


Joel covers Smart Objects, Skin Retouching, Composites, Working with Masks and much more in this in-depth look at processing files and creating a finished image.

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