The Rules of Composition


Fully understand the rules of composition and how to break them.

Composition creates flow, direction, and visual balance in your images to tell a story and grab the viewer’s attention. It is the most critical component of any visual art, and these “rules” have applied for centuries! In this quick guide, I’ll teach you the most important composition rules in an easy to understand way, so you can go out and start breaking them in a purposeful way!


Simplify the process

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What’s inside?

I wrote and designed this composition guide so you can use it on the go. Download it to your phone and refer to it in a second when you are out shooting!

Learn about the most critical component of any visual art


Rule of Thirds


Foreground Dominate

Golden Spiral, and much more!

This guide is for you if…

You rely on luck to create great photos.

You “kind of” learned composition, but it changed nothing.

You struggle to create the effect you want.

Imagine you could…

Create consistently dramatic and artistic photos.
Fully understand the rules of composition, how to break them.
Renew your approach to photography and improve every photo you take.

Hear what my students are saying...

“I feel like I knew this stuff but didn’t know how to use that information. This guide changed that for me and has helped me be more purposeful and creative with my photography.”

“Get this, read it, and see the world differently. I can’t believe how just having this knowledge has transformed my ability to take better photos. Thanks!!!”

“I knew the rule of thirds, but there’s so much more that I didn’t know. My mind is blown that I hadn’t thought to learn all this before. I highly recommend all photographers read this simple guide. Thank me later.”

"My goal with this ebook is not to make you shoot photos like me, but to teach you how to compose and shoot photos like you. I hope I can help you develop your own way of viewing the world around you and to transmit those stories with ease!"

Joel Grimes

The Rules of Composition


Composition is simply the personal and unique relationship between you, the photographer, and your subject. It’s how you communicate the story you want to tell to a stranger through a photograph. You need to learn the “boring” side of composition. Let me help!