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Vision to Reality

Drama, drama, more drama! If you want to start reaching millions of people and learn how to light, set up, shoot, retouch and composite, this bundle is going to change your life as an artist.

Meet Your Instructor

Visual storyteller and a master of light, Joel is an exclusive Canon Explorer Of Light.


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"These Vision to Reality tutorials are really great! I have learned so much just from the first 3 alone! The knowledge has helped improve my Lightroom workflow and retouching skills too! Highly recommend to all Photographers out there. "
- Katie G.

"It is cool to see Joel work with the models in these videos. The techniques he uses to retouch his images are so smart and simple. Not only am I creating better images, these courses have made me more confident when handling my own Clients too!"
- Jerome W.

"It is as if you are literally on set with Joel! Watching him behind the camera is really cool and I learned a TON from his lighting techniques too. I am so glad I purchased this bundle, well worth the money!"
- Mike C.

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Sante Fe

Learn how to transform a printed vinyl wood floor, a mid-gray paper seamless, and a table/chair into a rustic cracked plaster Santa Fe room. Follow along from Start to Finish as Joel works his magic to create a beautiful portrait of actress Lauren Amante. Joel covers every step, from his simple cross-light setup to simulate light to the Photoshop retouching techniques he uses to build this delicate portrait.


Joel takes creating a dramatic portrait to a whole new level for this Start to Finish tutorial. Learn how Joel set up his lighting while photographing actor Jordan Murphy. You will be amazed at how simple it is to replicate this look as Joel takes you through every step from the beginning to the end.

Black on White

Have you ever wondered how to simulate a stark sunlight look in a studio? Joel takes you through the process from Start to Finish of how he creates his signature black-on-white fine art portraits. This technique only uses two strobe lights, one modifier, a white 4x8 sheet of PVC plastic for the floor, and a 9-foot white seamless paper background. This beautiful, creative approach can be set up and duplicated in minutes.

Watch Ad

As you flip through magazines, you may have noticed there seem to be a plethora of watch ads. Joel takes his 40 years of experience as a commercial advertising photographer and shows how to create a dramatic men's print ad. In this Start to Finish tutorial, you can follow along with every step, from setting up the lights and positioning your subject to the final retouching and finishing of the final image.


Drama, drama, more drama! This image of Wen is one of Joel’s signature approaches to Photographing subjects from sports athletes, celebrities, and badass Harley Davidson riders. This edgy three-light setup catapulted Joel’s onto the world stage over a decade ago and quickly became a staple copied look in the advertising arena. Follow Joel as he takes you step by step through how he created this dramatic portrait, from the light to the final retouching.

Tilt Focus

As a creative artist, you must separate yourself from the masses. Joel often turns to his Tilt Shift Lenses to create portraits with a unique and dramatic look. For this image of Cowboy Chris, Joel used a 90mm Tilt Shift lens set in the tilt position to drastically change the place of focus, giving a radical effect. Joel will take you through his whole process, from the shooting to the final retouching.

Natural Light

Learn how to create stunning natural light portraits without using strobes or modifiers. Joel takes you out on-location with actress Wyni Landry, demonstrating his simple techniques using a 50mm 1.2 lens and a Nodal panoramic slider to create an ultra-shallow depth of field portrait. In addition, Joel goes into Photoshop to show how he seamlessly stitches his panoramic images, creating an angle of view and perspective using this simple and effective technique.

Light Patterns

Have you ever wondered how to create light patterns on your background and subject? Thanks to a new addition to Westcott's lineup, we now have an inexpensive option with an Optical Spot that can attach directly to your existing strobe. Follow Joel from the start to the finish as he creates a stunning dramatic portrait using this optical spot. This optical spot attachment could transform your work, giving you a creative edge over your competition.

Wedge Wall

Whether you are using a strobe and modifier or using natural light, you have to be a master of finding the most flattering light on your subject's face. Joel goes into great detail, showing how to discover the perfect Cross Light/Rembrandt Light on a subject's face. His simple technique will give you the confidence to find that ideal sweet spot quickly without fumbling through the process. In this tutorial, Joel takes you through his process of using natural light to create a beautiful portrait of model Leila.

Harsh Sunlight

As a general rule, placing a subject in direct, harsh sunlight can be challenging to create a flattering portrait. Joel began taking on this challenge and eventually discovered some unique lighting techniques that work perfectly in creating edgy dramatic portraits. In this tutorial, Joel shows you his process, from the lighting setup to the retouching, giving you the tools to take your portrait photography to a whole new level.


With thousands of composite portraits under his belt, Joel knows something about selling the fake and placing a subject into a background. In this Start to Finish tutorial, Joel shows you how to create a natural light portrait using a large window in his studio and placing that subject into a natural light background. Joel also covers his unique technique of retaining the original shadow from the subject and seamlessly blending into the compositing background.

12 Modules

I’ll show you my professional tips for capturing and retouching gallery-worthy images.

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I walk you through my entire creative process, it’s like you are on location with me.

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Gain instant access to these 12 tutorials and start transforming your photography.

With this Bundle, you’ll Learn:

  • How to how to set up your lights to simulate sunlight, windows and more.
  • How to prepare your shoot with props, models and your camera.
  • How to create a variety of styles using some very basic elements you already have.
  • How to turn a simple idea into a strong artistic message with style.

Vision to Reality.

Drama, drama, more drama! If you want to start reaching millions of people and learn how to light, set up, shoot, retouch and composite, this bundle is going to change your life.