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How to Become a Master of Photography

Master your craft, create stunning art and elevate your photography to the next level with the Master of Photography Complete Pack.

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Join 400,000+ Students Learning from Joel Grimes!
Joel Grimes

Joel Grimes

Canon Explorer of Light and award-winning photographer.

Behind the Scenes Training

The only way to teach is to show you real-world examples of my process. Join me both in the field and in the studio and learn every technique you’ll need!

45+ Hours of Training

From setting up a shoot and posing to lighting, retouching, and creating Photoshop magic, get all the training you need (and more)!

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What’s Exciting?

We’ve covered everything, no stone unturned.
The Plan

Master the first step of taking a great photo - having a goal. This seems boring, but it was the toughest lesson for me to learn. I’ll teach you how to guarantee amazing results every time you are taking photos.

Your Camera

Discover how to get the most from the camera you already own. From camera settings to lenses to the confusing words we all hate, I’ll teach you it all! You might be surprised how much artistic power you aren’t using…


Learn how to work with your subjects to create the most impactful images. Posing doesn’t come naturally to everyone, it’s up to you! I’ve got some powerful tips that will make it easy!


Lighting is the most important part of photography. After 35+ years as a professional, I finally have a workflow for lighting anyone in any situation. I can’t wait to teach you!


As an artist, being able to make those final adjustments to your images, and turn them from average to amazing is a most gratifying process. I’ve included my entire post-processing workflow to help you create amazing art.

Take a Closer Look

6 in-depth masterclasses with 45 hours of training.

6 Photography Masterclasses

Join me behind the scenes as I share my process, developed over 35+ years as a professional advertising photographer. You’ll learn how to feel confident creating any image, in any location, with the camera you already own.

45 Hours of Training

This sounds like a lot. But even if you devote ten minutes a day, or a week, to learning new techniques which you go out and apply, you’ll start seeing dramatic results in your photography.

Every Problem Solved

As a teacher, I don’t hide. I don’t keep secrets from you. I show you what went wrong, how I solved problems, when I failed, and more. This gives you real-world experience for navigating your own photography and the right workflows for achieving amazing results.

More Content, Less Searching

This might seem like too much. But you’ll have access to everything you need, in one place!
Easy Lifetime Access

Stream or download from any device with our one-stop hub for creativity. This is a one-time purchase that you can enjoy for years.

Full Curriculum

Study and learn at your own pace using our library. Your spot will always be saved to pick up where you left off.

Detailed List of Contents

If you’re a stickler for details, you’re going to love this.

Dramatic Portrait Masterclass

30 LESSONS | 9H 43H

$197 included

In this masterclass, you'll learn all my techniques, tricks, and tips that I've been using for over 30 years in the photography business. This skill set will help you create incredibly unique dramatic portraits that you, your friends, family, and clients will love.

Beauty Portrait Masterclass

34 LESSONS | 8H 11M

$197 included

I’m not a fashion photographer. I’m a portrait photographer. I always thought this area of photography was the hardest thing to master. Three decades in the advertising industry gave me the tools, techniques, and confidence I needed to tackle beauty portraits. And, I’m going to teach you everything I’ve learned. It might seem challenging to tackle beauty portraits, but I will teach you how to master every step!

One Light Masterclass

18 LESSONS | 5h24m

$197 included

Crack the code to lighting once and for all. I believe that once you learn the basics of how light works, you can then replicate any lighting technique on the planet. In this course, I have tackled a monster; I have plotted out the Inverse Square Law using the Zone System so that you can see it from a visual perspective and apply it to your everyday shooting without having your brain explode!

Still Life Masterclass

15 LESSONS | 4H 45M

$197 included

Learn how to create beautiful fine-art still life images right in your living room with minimal photo equipment. With close to 5 hours of training, I’ll teach you in great detail how I set up, shoot, and retouch my still life shoots. From the lighting, working in a series, compositions that build impact to finishing off the images in Photoshop.

Landscape Masterclass

28 LESSONS | 7H 45M

$197 included

Even though my career has been focused on commercial advertising, my heart is in landscape photography. You just need a camera. The rest is connecting with nature and using the right techniques to create dramatic images. I’m sharing 40 years of photography experience in this masterclass so you can create your favorite images! You CAN create images that will stand up against any image online or in a magazine!

Urban Landscape Masterclass

26 LESSONS | 9H 57M

$197 included

This masterclass will teach you a system for creating incredible and dramatic urban landscapes wherever you are. During this 10-hour masterclass, you’ll join me out in the field for a series of live shoots and in the studio for the retouching lessons. I’ll teach you how to go from a snapshot photographer creating average images to a master photographer creating dramatic art!

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I had to struggle on my own for 35 years, but you won’t have to because you will have a support network of people taking the same training.

This is going to make it faster and easier for you to get the answers you need when you need them. You might be thinking you can’t use this because you are a solo artist but no one makes it alone. A rising tide lifts all boats.

Monthly Q&A with Joel



This is going to give you real-life feedback that will dramatically improve your skills.

You might be thinking you can’t use this because you are just starting out or aren’t trying to become a pro photographer. That’s absolutely not true because my support will help you achieve any photography goal you have.

Canon Explorer of Light, Joel Grimes is a multi-award-winning fine art and advertising photographer. Joel has taught hundreds of thousands of photographers both online and on the most prestigious stages in the industry. Joel’s teaching style is a show-all behind the scenes approach. His passion for photography and teaching is both fun and inspiring!

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