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Natural Light

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This start to finish course will teach you my entire workflow for working with natural light.

There are a few tricks we can use to get the most from a scene and subject when using natural light. From picking the right gear and setting up the shot, through my entire retouching process, I’ll teach you how to create gorgeous magazine-quality images without a single strobe!


Learn how to get the most from your natural light photography!

This Course is For You If…

You aren’t proud of your natural light photography.

Your portrait retouching is taking too long!

Your retouching process looks fake and isn’t flattering.

Imagine you could…

  • Create flawless retouched images in 1/10th the time.
  • Understand how to think about natural light as a tool.
  • Master proven workflows that will 10x your Photoshop game.

Hear What Photographers Have to Say…

“I learned a lighting effect in Photoshop that I’ve always wanted to use. For that one trick alone this course would be worth it! That’s probably 2 mins of the course though. Awesome stuff!”
- Pete O.

“I love the way Joel explains light, takes us on a shoot, and then shares his editing process. It’s like I’m assisting a master for 24 hours! This was a fantastic course, a great way to learn, and I can’t wait to get out and shoot now!”
- Delilah R.

“I was pretty scared of Photoshop, this course gave me a bunch of small tricks that I’ve been able to apply as a way to actually improve my images for the first time. Joel is a master of light and a master of Photoshop for sure - highly recommended!”
- Devon N.

"I love working with strobes, but when I’m presented with a good natural light source I’ll jump at the opportunity. There are a few tricks I use when it comes to shooting and retouching my natural light images and that’s what this course is all about. Plus, I’ll show you my full skin retouching process! Enjoy!"

Joel Grimes


Natural Light


Joel goes into Photoshop and covers how he works to manipulate the skin tones to get that beautiful look he achieves on all his beauty/fashion models.

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Introduction to Start To Finish

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Natural Light

This 52 minute video tutorial follows Joel from start to finish on how he photographed and post processed the beautiful Helena Martin using natural light. What? Can this be? No strobes? Joel shows ...


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Frequently bought together

Natural Light

Upgrade for only $9 instead of $47