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My free 60-minute class will reveal the three secrets I’ve used throughout my career that will help you to create better art!

If you’ve ever been told that you’ll never make it as a photographer, you’ve been lied to!


You will learn…

Why 89% of photography students fail.

How to find your own unique voice.

How to create a body of work that represents you!

How to create exquisite photography and make money doing what you love.

A powerful system that will save you years of learning.

How to make a person look great and feel comfortable in front of your lens!

Plus, you’ll receive two free gifts just for attending. AND, I’ll do a live Q&A at the end of the class!

Ten Steps to Becoming a Successful Photographer



This quick tips e-book is meant to inspire photographers to live their dream and create an income with a camera.

Behind The Lens

26 LESSONS | 3H 30M


Joel takes you on a tour behind the camera. Learn how he created his most notable images using various camera equipment, lighting techniques, locations, and so much more!

"I want to teach you a recipe that will change your photographic journey forever! My goal for this masterclass is that you feel equipped to create better photos and that you feel inspired to get out and shoot images!!"

Joel Grimes

Create artistic images you love and are proud of!

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